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This scent blend perfectly combines essential oils of zesty Bergamot, spicy Clove and refreshing Eucalyptus. These essential oils are a great way to enhance your overall wellbeing thanks to their uplifting and energising properties.
Geranium with Sweet Orange & Patchouli is a fabulously warm yet floral scent. With notes of Geranium and Sweet Orange, this warm combination is uplifted by the wonderful notes of Patchouli.
Frankincense with Sweet Orange & Grapefruit is a refreshing citrus scent. With top notes of Sweet Orange and Grapefruit, this exciting blend is anchored by uplifting notes of Frankincense.
Lavender & Sweet Orange is a glorious floral scent with a beautiful sweet finish. This scent is absolutely perfect if you are looking to relax.
Lemongrass with Cardamom & Black Pepper is a luxuriously rich and warming scent. With top notes of Lemongrass and Black Pepper, this blend is enriched with glorious sweet Cardamom.
Neroli & Ylang Ylang is a luxuriously decadent scent. With a subtle perfumed orange fragrance from the Neroli essential oil it's topped off with the floral notes from Ylang Ylang essential oil.
Scented with lots of essential oils, our Reed Diffusers will last for around 8-10 weeks. This is a beautiful yet subtly spicy fragrance. Pure essential oils of Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Cloves and Orange, this warm and spicy scent is perfect for Winter.
Scented with lots of essential oils, our Reed Diffusers will last for around 8-10 weeks. Geranium pure essential oil gives this product a very feminine fragrance. Finished with a hint of bergamot and lavender, it has a lovely floral scent.
No dyes, no additives, no artificial fragrances, only lemongrass and a little lavender distilled straight from the plant. This fragrance is the perfect pick me up.
Our new Lime, Basil & Orange is the sixth scent in our range and the results are stunning. We've added lots of distilled Lime to a splash of Orange and topped it off with Italian Basil...the scent is a combination of peppery basil with a citrus top note.
Perfect at any time, this combination of pure essential oils gives a very fresh smelling candle perfect for awakening the senses. An ideal scent for when you have a cold or are in need of revitalising.
This Reed Diffuser exudes a relaxing and sensual scent - perfect for a romantic night in! Patchouli and Ylang Ylang essential oils have a remarkably calming effect on your wellbeing whilst evoking a beautiful sweet scent with hints of Vanilla.