Glass Jar Candles with Lids -

These glass jars with lids are an excellent choice and burn for around 25 hours...the clear glass and screw top lid make them a great gift.

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This candle has a beautiful yet subtly spicy fragrance. Natural soy wax is blended with pure essential oils of Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Cloves and Orange. This warm and spicy scent is perfect for Christmas or any winter's evening.
Geranium pure essential oil gives this candle a very feminine fragrance. Topped off with a hint of bergamot and lavender, it has a lovely floral scent which is very relaxing for both body and mind.
No dyes, no additives, no artificial fragrances, only lemongrass and a little lavender distilled straight from the plant. This fragrance is the perfect pick me up.
We've added lots of distilled Lime to a splash of Orange and topped it off with Italian Basil....the scent is a combination of peppery basil with a citrus top note of Lime and a warm sweetness of Oranges.