Enhance Your Wellbeing

An inspirational collection of natural essential oil candles and diffusers designed to enhance your wellbeing. They not only smell amazing, they are perfect for self-care as a wellbeing
treatment. Revive your spirits, relax or balance with the therapeutic benefits of our aromatherapy candles and oil diffusers.

Apothecary Collection

Designed with your wellbeing in mind, each scent has been created from our unique blends of essential oils which give a fabulous scent throw. The beautiful amber glassware in this range is simply stunning.

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Luxury Collection

Whether you are looking to relax, revive or balance your wellbeing will benefit from this sumptuous collection. Bringing together or unique essential oil blends with beautiful bespoke packaging in a range of candles and diffusers.

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  • I absolutely love The Melt Pool candles. They burn clean and the level of fragrance that comes from them is second to none. I can’t see any need to shop elsewhere as I have found the perfect candles!

  • I've been using the candles at night and they're lush! The Lavender I
    set for a wee hour before I go to sleep and it's really relaxing.

  • Really impressed with my first order thank you. The candle burned
    perfectly all the way to bottom and the fragrance from both the candle
    and diffuser oil is intense enough yet not at all overpowering. A really
    nice balance

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