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The Melt Pool was founded by Julie back in 2012, with a passion for Aromatherapy and natural skincare, she combined her loves of natural ingredients and home fragrance to create a range of products that boosts wellbeing and doesn't cost the earth.

In 2014, Julie's husband Gerry joined the business and Gerry now runs the The Melt Pool on a daily basis with Julie helping out from time to time and still undetaking the role of scent creator. Julie blends the most beautiful candle scents that are inspired by nature, using completely natural plant based soy wax and the finest essential oils. A few years ago, Reed Diffusers were added to the candle collections and these are one of The Melt Pool's bestselling products all year round.

For a bit more insight into The Melt Pool, here's a few answers to some of the questions we are often asked by our customers...

How long have you been making artisan candles?

Julie initially started making candles as a hobby back in 2011 a few months after our second child was born. After practicing Aromatherapy during her pregnancies, Julie was keen to bring together candlemaking with aromatherapy - creating products that were 100% natural.

Is candle making your full-time job?

Gerry works full-time in the business with Julie helping out from time to time. Julie has created all of our scents by handblending our own unique combinations of essential oils.

What do you love the most about being an artisan candle maker and why?

We get a huge amount of satisfaction from creating our ranges of candles and reed diffusers. Bringing a 100% natural range of home fragrance to our customers gives us a great sense of pride. So many candles are made with cheap paraffin wax and synthetic fragrance oils and being able to hand craft natural products is such a pleasure.

Gerry is also a huge music fan and being able to listen to music while he works makes him a happy man!

What’s your favourite scent?

We actually have very different tastes - Gerry's favourite is the Cedarwood with Cinnamon, Cloves & Orange whilst Julie loves anything with Geranium and it's a difficult choice between Geranium with Bergamot & Lavender and our Geranium with Sweet Orange.

What's your top tip for getting the best out of a candle?

Gerry: if you get a wick that tends to flop over into the melted wax, pour off a little bit of the melted wax and that should allow the candle to burn well without the wick "drowning" in the wax pool.

Julie: Always, always, always, trim the wick each time before lighting the candle to ensure that the candle burns well and the flame doesn't dance around too much.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about The Melt Pool, if you have any other questions, please drop a comment below.

Gerry The Melt Pool

 Gerry runs The Melt Pool day to day while Julie helps out from time to time and develops new scent creations

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